Pechey Forestry

The Pechey Forest Plantation is located on both sides of the New England Highway between Crows Nest and Hampton. There is beautiful riding to be had through the pine and eucalypt plantation that’s managed by HQ Plantations. Once in the forest, there are a large number of well-graded tracks and trails that can be ridden. Spend some time exploring and discovering the tracks and trails that crisscross the forest. These trails are suitable for the whole family, especially since public roads can be readily avoided and are suitable for all fitness and ability levels. Check out the now disused fire spotting tower in the middle of the forest on the western side of the highway. Take in the vistas from highpoints along Grapetree Road, especially Townsend Lane and a clear area near the large water towers.

The Pechey Forest is still used commercially and works including harvesting and control burns are regularly undertaken. Please take note of any signage and stay well away from any works.



    Pechey Forestry 
    Start / end

    Numerous starting locations:

    Chapman Park, Hampton

    Munro Road, 

    Grapetree Road 

    Misty Mountain Road

    Crows Nest

    Length As short or long as you like
    Elevation gain Variable
    Time to ride As short or long as you like
    Trail difficulty rating Easy – suitable for young families

    Chapman Park, Hampton

    Centennary Park, Crows Nest 

    Bullockys Rest, Crows Nest


    Your safety is your responsibility

    Let someone know of your riding plans

    Take plenty of water and some snacks

    Pack a puncture repair kit & pump

    Be seen and be safe